Correspondence Courses

Follow Your Passions. Design Your Education.

Morning person? Night owl? Working professional? With Correspondence Courses at Sam Houston State University, you can now earn college credit in the way that's perfect for you. Students in correspondence courses enjoy the benefits of the challenging and respected SHSU education without the obligations of organized classes. Instead, you'll be empowered to make decisions about how quickly you'll move through course materials and when you'll submit your assignments - it's just like designing your own course!

Correspondence course assignments and exams are developed by SHSU faculty members, so students can be confident that their education will meet the highest standards of other institutions, as well as present and future employers. All coursework is turned in via traditional mail or e-mail, enabling you to complete your studies from anywhere in the world.

How can correspondence courses benefit me?

  • An Education That Fits You - Correspondence courses are based in self-directed study, so you can do as much as your lifestyle allows.
  • Convenience Without Compromise - You'll receive full college credit for your work just as you would in an on-campus class.
  • Quality Without Compare - As a top tier research university, SHSU correspondence courses offer a clear advantage over similar programs at non-profit schools and other institutions.
  • Ideal for Our Military - The flexibility afforded by our courses has made them a popular option for our soldiers deployed around the world.
  • Realize Your Goals - The credits that you earn may be applicable to an SHSU degree program.
  • Enrich Yourself - Many of our students take our courses for a structured experience of personal fulfillment and growth.

Note for Non-SHSU Students

To enroll in a correspondence course, individuals must be accepted to the university. To do so, complete an online application through and pay the $45 non-refundable application fee at ApplyTexas. Additional documents are required to complete your admission file. For assistance with this process contact Undergraduate Admissions at 936.294.1828. Once you have been accepted to the university you may register for a correspondence course by using the Registration form.