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Professional Video Production Support Available for SHSU Faculty

One of the key technologies involved in online education, as every online faculty member and student knows, is quality video presentation of course materials. SHSU Online’s Video Production Team is dedicated to providing the professional instructional support that faculty members need to make their course content as valuable and engaging as possible to SHSU students. 

The Video Production Team offers its services to SHSU faculty members in a variety of ways and in a number of different settings. The team operates a recording studio and control room, in the Dan Rather Communications Building on the main Huntsville campus, where faculty members can record lectures and presentations. In fact, since 2010, the team has recorded over 2,800 faculty videos in this studio!

studioIn addition to recording, professors and instructors benefit from a full range of post-production services, support, and direction for any video production need. Lectures can be recorded with viewable access to PowerPoint or other specialized presentation software. The studio is equipped with a document camera that allows faculty members to show physical models or dissections, and also has a teleprompter for instructors’ use with scripted lectures.

The Video Production Team can also record video content in professors’ lecture halls and classrooms, including regular and guest lectures, presentations, or other special content provided in a face-to-face classroom setting. 

As an added convenience for faculty members who may not have the time or need to re-record entire lectures, the team also uses its sophisticated editing tools to update previously recorded lectures with new material. 

The team can also work with media provided by faculty members from other sources—encoding, digitizing, and captioning media in a variety of formats for use in online courses. Media that can be encoded and digitized by the team include VHS, DV tape, DVD, audio files, slides, photos, film, and film negatives (other than reel-to-reel film or negatives). Please note that only media with proper copyright permissions provided by the SHSU Library can be digitized.

Faculty members are welcome to contact the Video Production Team for their instructional support and production needs. Please call Charles Henson, Video Producer, at 936.294.2430 and he and his team will be happy to assist you.