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SHSU Online to be Featured in Upcoming Larry King "In View" Show

inview logoSHSU Online is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of a television series called In View with Larry King. The overall topic of the 30-minute episode will be distance education, and one of the segments will be about SHSU Online. The segment will touch on the growing importance of online education, the university's online programs, the technology SHSU Online uses, and the students served by online SHSU faculty members.

The segment features interviews with SHSU President Dr. Dana Gibson, Provost Dr. Jaimie Hebert, William Angrove, associate vice president for distance learning, Dr. Bala Maniam, professor of finance in SHSU's Department of General Business and Finance, and Emily Jaso, an online graduate student pursuing a master of science degree in criminal justice. The episode will run on Fox Business Network. Producers have not yet set an air date yet for the In View episode, but they plan to complete editing the SHSU segment by mid-November. The segment will run for six to seven minutes. 

inview productionSHSU's online programs attracted the attention of In View producers due to the university's high rankings in the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings of online education programs (see previous SHSU Online Newsletter article on SHSU's achievements in the 2013 rankings). In View notified Associate Vice President for Distance Learning William Angrove (right, at right) of the TV series' interest in the university's online programs. 

To get the production process going, Dian Rygh of Florida-based In View got in touch with SHSU Online's video production team to get some basic information about SHSU's online education and its capabilities. Rygh and video producers Charles Henson and Jeff Olsen reviewed stock footage illustrating the university's approach to online education and determined suitable locations for recording the segment. In View retained a local Houston production company which provided a producer and director of photography. In View producers also provided a script with interview questions appropriate for the interviewees' areas of expertise.

emily jasoThe interviews with university administrative leadership explored how SHSU's development of online programs reflects the university's commitment to being a relevant competitive higher education player in the digital age. Dr. Maniam provided a faculty perspective on creating a learning experience for students in the online environment that is effective, flexible, and personalized. Ms. Jaso (left), the online graduate student, talked about balancing her online studies with a full-time job.

SHSU Online will announce the air date for the In View with Larry King episode on distance education when that information is made available. For general information about In View, see the In View website.