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NBC Learn Offers Enriched Content for Any Course

In the September 2013 issue of SHSU Online Newsletter, the new NBC Learn program was introduced. NBC Learn gives faculty and students access to thousands of hours of news and information content from the vast library of content created by NBC.

Knowing the tool is available is great, but what is the next step? How can it be used to enrich teaching and learning?

One example involves employing NBC Learn content in Blackboard discussion forums:

  • Faculty members can create a discussion forum and use NBC Learn content via the Mashup tool along with a discussion prompt.

nbc content 1

  • Students can be encouraged to contribute to the discussion forum by not only answering the discussion prompt, but also adding NBC Learn content that supports their position using the same Mashup tool.

nbc learn content 2

Adding rich media to the mix helps students to become more engaged in the act of searching for supporting information, and can liven up a normally text-based conversation. Anywhere that faculty and students can add content to courses (discussions, blogs, wikis, announcements etc.), NBC Learn content can help enrich that content and spark interest and involvement.

For help integrating NBC Learn content in your online course, please contact the SHSU Online Instructional Designer assigned to your college.

Marisa Padilla Lambert
Assistant Director of Online Course Development; College of Criminal Justice 936.294.3072
Thomas Sosebee
Instructional Designer: SPED 936.294.2712
Ray Scheel
Instructional Designer: CIED/CIEE, HLTH, KINE 936.294.2367
Ricki Lee Hodges
Instructional Designer 936.294.1851
Mike Power
Instructional Designer: College of Business Administration 936.294.2769
Jay Wilson
Instructional Designer: College of Fine Arts & Mass Communication, College of Humanities & Social Sciences (Departments: Communication Studies, English, Foreign Languages) 936.294.2749
Stacy Scott
Instructional DesignerCollege of Humanities & Social Sciences (Departments: Family & Consumer Sciences, History, Political Science, Psychology & Philosophy, Sociology) 936.294.2440
Kathryn Bernhardt
Instructional Design Specialist: BESL, DVED, ECHE, EDAD, EDLD, READ 936.294.2337
Kathy Chisum
Instructional Design Specialist: College of Sciences, College of Education (Departments: Counseling, Library Science, HIED)
stdmkc13@SHSU.EDU 936.294.2705