Online Undergraduate Courses

Sam Houston State University offers a large variety of online undergraduate courses throughout the year. Visit the schedule of classes to learn more. Here is a list of our current courses.

ACCT2301Principles Of Financial Acc
ACCT2302Principles Of Managerial Acc
ACCT3304Managerial Accounting
AGRI1309Computers in Agriculture
AGRI4385Applied Electronics/Hydraulics
AGED4365Std Tchng Agricultural Science
SGNL1401Elementry American Sign Lang I
SGNL1402Elementry American Sign Lng II
SGNL2311Intermediate American Sign Language I
SGNL2312Intermediate American Sign Language II
ARTS1301Intro To The Visual Arts
ARTS2313Foundations In Digital Art
ARTS2370Digital Photography I
ARTS3375Web Site Development
ARTS3382The History Of Animation
ARTS3383Design History
ARTS3385Surv II:Ren to Pst
ARTS4333Interactive Design
BESL2301Multicultural Infl On Learning
BIOL1408Contemporary Biology
BIOL1408Contemporary Biology LAB
BIOL1436Foundations Of Science
BIOL1436Foundations Of Science LAB
BIOL2440Introductory Cell Biology
BIOL2440Introductory Cell Biology LAB
BUAD1305Electronic Communications Tech
BUAD2301Business Legal Environment
BUAD2321Dsgn/Presentation Bus.Projects
BUAD3335Business Communications
BUAD3355Business Law
BANA2372Business Analysis
BANA3363Inter Business Analysis
COMS2386Interpersonal Communication
COMS2390Multimedia Communication
COMS3365Humor in Communication
COMS4386Family Communication
CSTE1330Introduction To Computers
CRIJ2361Intro To The Crim Justice Sys
CRIJ2364Fundamentals Of Criminal Law
CRIJ2365Correctional Sys & Practice
CRIJ2367Police Systems & Practices
CRIJ2368Criminal Investigation
CRIJ2394Courts And Criminal Procedure
CRIJ3340Gender and Crime
CRIJ3341Aging, Crime and Victimization
CRIJ3361Comparative Crimnl Jstc System
CRIJ3362White Collar Crime
CRIJ3363Violent Offenders
CRIJ3364Spec Offenders & Spec Needs
CRIJ3378Intro To Methods Of Research
CRIJ3394Glbl Terrorism & Homlnd Securty
CRIJ3396Juvnl Delinqncy & Juvnl Justic
CRIJ4330Law And Society
CRIJ4338Child Abuse And Neglect
CRIJ4360Crime And The Media
CRIJ4362Substance Use And Abuse
CRIJ4365Professionalism & Ethics In CJ
CRIJ4367Correctional Strategies
CRIJ4368Global Organized Crime
CRIJ4377Analysis of CJ Data
CRIJ4383Family Violence
CRIJ4384Police Strategies
CRIJ4385Criminl Justc & Social Divrsty
DANC1372Dance As Art
DANC2372Dance History
ECHE3128Guidance Of Yng Chld:Field Exp
ECHE4388Child Abuse/Neglect
ECON2300Introduction To Economics
ECON2301Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON2302Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON3357Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON4357Managerial Economics
ENGL1301Composition I
ENGL1302Composition II
ENGL3330Intro To Technical Writing
FACS2368Consumer Education
FACS3369Family Relationships
FACS3377Codes,Stndrds & Facility Maint
FINC1307Personal Finance
FINC3310Financial Inst & Mkts
FINC3320Business Finance
FOLG1411Beginning Foreign Language I
FOLG1412Beginning Foreign Language II
FORS3366Forensic Science
FREN1411Elementary French
FREN2311Intermediate French I
FREN3365French Grammar And Stylistics
GEOG1321People, Place and the Envrnmt
GEOG1401Weather and Climate
GEOG1401Weather and Climate LAB
GEOG2355World Reg Geo
GEOG2356Reg Geo
GEOG3359Regional Geography:Us & Canada
GEOG3363Computer Cartography
GEOG4358Geography Of Texas
GEOL1403Physical Geology
HLTH1366Lifestyle And Wellness
HLTH2372Health & Medical Terminology
HLTH4390Environmental Health
HIST1301United States History To 1876
HIST1302United States History Sn 1876
HIST2311World History to 1500
HIST2312World History since 1500
HIST3369The World In The 20Th Century
HIST3398Texas And The Southwest
HIST3399Remembering September 11, 2001
HIST4375Readings In History
HIST4378Modern China And Japan
HONR3331Honors Seminar III
ITEC3360Related Sci Mth & Tech In Occ
ITEC3362Manipulative Skills In Occuptn
ITEC3364Rel Subj In Occuptnl Pers Qual
ITEC4363Safety Program Management
ITEC4382Industrial Safety
ITEC4391Work Base Mentorship
KINE1331Foundations Of Kinesiology
KINE2115Lifetime Health and Wellness
KINE3362Functional Kinesiology
KINE3364Motor Learning
KINE3373Physiology Of Exercise
KINE4373Adv Tpcs In Physlgy Of Exercis
KINE4392Problems In Kinesiology
KINE4393Prncples & Prac Of Adlt Fit Mgt
MGMT3310Principles Of Management
MGMT3330Human Resource Management
MGMT4370Operations Management
MGMT4390Strategic Management & Policy
MGIS3310Management Information Systems
MKTG3310Principles Of Marketing
MCOM3360Specialized Writing
MCOM3364News Editing
MCOM3385Advanced Writing for PR & Adv
MCOM4364Investigative Reporting
MCOM4366Social Implications of Media
MATH332Intermediate Algebra
MATH1410Elementary Functions
MUSI1301Introduction To Study Of Music
MUSI1306Music Appreciation
MUSI2338Intro Music Therapy
MUSI2364Hist Rock Jazz Popular Music
NURS4381Legal & Ethical Issues in Nurs
PHIL2306Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL2352Introduction to Contemporary Logic
PHIL2361Introduction To Philosophy
PHYS1105Class Phy & Thermodynamics Lab
PHYS1305Classical Physics & Thermdynmc
PHYS1403Stars & Galaxies
PHYS1403Stars & Galaxies LAB
PHYS1404Solar System Astronomy
PHYS1404Solar System Astronomy LAB
POLS2305American Government
POLS2306Texas Government
POLS3364Politics And The Media
POLS3379Research & Writing In Pol Sci
PSYC1301Introduction To Psychology
PSYC3331Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3332History Of Psychology
PSYC3375Psychopathology & Fam Dynamics
PSYC3383Psychology And The Law
SOCI1301Principles Of Sociology
SOCI1306Social Problems
SOCI2319Introduction To Ethnic Studies
SOCI3324Social Inequality
SOCI3338Soclztn,Soc Cntr,Devnt So Bhvr
SOCI3341Marriage And The Family
SOCI3342Sociology Of Religion
SOCI3443Social Statistics
SOCI3443Social Statistics LAB
SOCI4340Rsch Methods In Sociology
SOCI4344Sociological Theory
SPAN1411Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1412Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2311Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2312Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN3361Spanish Grammar & Composition
SPAN3367Principles Of Span Linguistics
SPAN3370Spanish For Business
SPAN3371Spanish For Criminal Justice
SPED2301Intro To Special Education
SPED3301Learn and Instruc Child W/Disa
THEA1366Theatre Appreciation
UNIV4301General Studies Capstone Proje

Updated: August 4, 2014